We Hold Nothing Back

Strategically Mitigate Business Risks

Every company of any size must take steps to protect itself and, at times, defend its interest in legal disputes. Whether these disputes are external or internal, all of them can pose a serious risk to the continuity and success of your business. At Smith & Fawer, our attorneys are seasoned in all types of corporate, limited liability company, and partnership disputes, and that savvy gives them a particular advantage in so-called “business divorces.” Likewise, whether a commercial dispute consists of a suit over a promissory note, a lease dispute, or a claim for breach of contract, the lawyers at Smith & Fawer bring years of expertise to defend their clients’ interests.

Confident And Confidential

We take immense pride in our courtroom and litigation skills. Our attorneys are diligent in preparation and creative in their approach. They use their global understanding of Louisiana business law in matters such as:

  • Ownership battles
  • Minority shareholder disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Organizational leadership disputes
  • Dissolutions
  • Liquidations

We also understand the ramifications of having your business’s struggles publicized. We work with the utmost discretion and zealously serve to maintain your privacy and guard your reputation.

We Understand The Stakes Of Crisis Management

Our team’s litigation skills have protected the interests of clients of all sizes in all situations. We have settled issues for both publicly traded companies and closely held businesses, representing corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and more. Small and large businesses alike frequently call upon Randall A. Smith and the Smith & Fawer law firm for aid in times of crisis. Under his leadership, attorneys J. Geoffrey Ormsby, Stephen Gelé, Dylan Leach, and others have been lauded for their tenacity, creativity, and sense of urgency when it matters most.

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