We Hold Nothing Back

Staging Legal Excellence in the Spotlight

In the world of entertainment, where artistry meets commerce, unique legal challenges often arise. From litigating life story rights and complex production contracts to protecting intellectual property to addressing unfair competition, the nuances of entertainment law require not just legal acumen but also an understanding of the industry’s pulse. Situated in New Orleans, a burgeoning hub for film and television and a historical bastion of musical creativity, and with a well-established presence in the entertainment hub of Los Angeles, Smith & Fawer is perfectly poised to provide adept legal guidance to artists, producers, and entertainment entities.

Crafting Solutions on and off the Stage

At Smith & Fawer, we understand that in the entertainment arena, every legal issue is also a personal one. An artist’s work, a production company’s content, or a brand’s identity can often be at stake. Our expertise stretches across the broad spectrum of entertainment law, ensuring that creativity remains protected and contractual rights are upheld.

The entertainment landscape is ever-evolving, and Smith & Fawer is committed to evolving alongside it. Our dedication is not just to the letter of the law but to the spirit of creativity it seeks to protect. If you are an artist, a producer, or any entity in the entertainment sector looking for legal guidance that resonates, Smith & Fawer is your ideal partner. Call 504-445-4913 or send us an email to get started.