We Hold Nothing Back

Defending the Cornerstones of Freedom and Justice

Civil rights are the bedrock upon which our nation stands, safeguarding the freedom and equal protection under the law that every citizen holds dear. At Smith & Fawer, we recognize the profound importance of upholding these rights and ensuring that individuals, regardless of their status or background, are protected from injustice.

Balanced Advocacy for the Citizen and the Servant

Smith & Fawer’s expertise in civil rights litigation spans a wide spectrum of cases, from those involving private citizens to public employees. From seeking compensation for injuries caused by law enforcement misconduct to defending the rights of public servants, our Firm stands ready to provide rigorous representation. Among other areas, we are experienced in handling cases that implicate your First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and association, your Fourth Amendment rights to protection from unreasonable searches and seizures, and your Fifth Amendment rights to due process.

A Legacy of Defending Rights

Our legacy in civil rights litigation underscores our unwavering commitment to justice. We vigorously champion our clients’ rights, standing up for citizens from all walks of life against government overreach from every level of state actors.

At Smith & Fawer, we are dedicated to ensuring your civil rights are preserved and respected. Our seasoned attorneys are poised to provide guidance, support, and fierce representation. Call our office to get started at 504-445-4913 or send an email to schedule a meeting.