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The Struggles Facing People Accused Of White-Collar Crimes

Individuals accused of white-collar crimes face three central difficulties in their life. First, the clear criminal consequences of a conviction, including the possibility of imprisonment and substantial fines. Second, the personal fallout—how your trial and the stress of what you face can do to you and your relationships. And third, public difficulties.

Our Firm defends those accused of white-collar crime and other federal criminal charges, and defends those so accused in state court. We have represented clients in all types of cases across the state of Louisiana and in federal court on a wide variety of charges and fact patterns. The combination of years of trial experience and the ability to work well with all parties involved in the criminal justice system have allowed our Firm to develop a unique reputation of excellence amongst our colleagues and the communities where we practice. With an ex-Assistant United States Attorney recognized as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the region as a senior partner, and another senior partner who has defended individuals accused of federal crimes and taught white-collar crime throughout his career, Smith & Fawer has long been known as a white-collar criminal defense boutique. The Firm is often called upon to counsel individuals under federal investigation, to represent witnesses called before investigating authorities for questioning, and to either negotiate or try the case on behalf of the individuals charged with federal infractions.

Experience in Sensitive Legal Fights

Our team has extensive experience in such situations building a defense for such charges as:

  • Securities fraud
  • Bribery
  • Money laundering
  • Conspiracy and racketeering
  • Tax violations

Randall A. Smith has successfully defended private citizens and businesses across all levels of prosecution, locally and federally. Our goal is to find a strategy that serves your unique needs and most effectively preserves your freedom. Importantly, we place an emphasis on total confidentiality. We pursue your goals with the discretion you deserve.

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