We Hold Nothing Back

Upholding Standards, Ensuring Accountability

When individuals and entities represent themselves as experts, they shoulder a profound responsibility to their clients and society at large. At Smith & Fawer, we staunchly believe that professionals must be held to the highest standards of ethics and competence. When lapses occur, whether due to negligence, oversight, or intentional misconduct, we are here to ensure that accountability is not just an abstract concept but a tangible outcome.

Professional liability disputes can arise in diverse settings, be it the medical realm, the legal sector, or the financial industry. Navigating these disputes requires a deep understanding of both the professional standards involved and the intricacies of litigation.

Our Experience at Work

Smith & Fawer’s commitment to justice in professional liability cases is evidenced by our proven track record. Our experience in successfully pursuing actions against attorneys, medical practitioners, financial professionals, and more uniquely positions us to advocate on your behalf when the unprofessional conduct of so-called professionals puts your interests in harm’s way.

In the face of professional negligence or misconduct, it is vital to have a team that understands the law and is deeply committed to your needs. Contact us by phone at 504-445-4913 or send us an email to schedule a meeting.